Musik als Erkenntnis / The Epistemic Power of Music

Projektleiter Univ.Prof. Dr. Andreas Dorschel / Co-Projektleiter Univ.Prof. Dr. Deniz Peters
Projektmitarbeiterinnen: Dr. Férdia Stone-Davis / Anna Rezaei, BA MA
FWF - P 34449-G Einzelprojekt

Artistic research is a fast-growing field that comprises diverse approaches, practical and theoretical. A common distrinction here is that between "research on the arts", "research for the arts" and "research in the arts" While useful, the categories thus distinguished are not as clear as they might first appear, nor do they capture the full potential of music's epistemic power, specifically, to address concerns that go beyond the musically immanent. It is therefore strongly desirable to achieve a new, nuanced and complex clarification of the kinds of knowledge music involves - not only to further the music-specific discourse in aesthetics, but also the wider theoretical discourse on artistic research.