Giacinto Scelsi and Austria

The research centres the Life and Work of the italian Composer Giacinto Scelsi. The Projekt will be devided into two parts: a theoretical one as well as a practical study.
“The Gesture of the monodic” is the main topic of the analytical work. The meaning of mysticism for Scelsi himself and a second theme “the projection of mysticism upon Scelsi” is the topic of a music-sociological study.
The Meaning as well as the influence of Scelsi’s music on the works of contemporary composers in Austria is in the Centre of the practical part. Especially Graz, as the place, where Scelsis work was heard first in Austria, should be analysed and presented. With numerous interviews (composers as well as nterpreters and artistic festival leaders) their expieriences and the special influence of Scelsi’s work and thinking on these personalities should be analysed.

The results of the research could be presented in a symposium “Giacinto Scelsi and Austria” at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts Graz. Also a written work would be an important product/result of the whole projekt.